The Origin of Obart

Back in the old country (wherever that is), Obart was known to be a bit of a maverick.  Everyone else was content with either ultra-fast food with no taste, or a two-hour sit down that took too much time and too much money.  Not so for Obart.

That’s when the quest began.  After all, how hard could it be to find an affordable place to eat in or take out, fast enough to get in and out, comfortable enough to be, well, comfortable, and reasonable enough not to break the bank?  Plenty hard.

So he donned his funky chef’s hat, eclectic chef’s jacket and favorite sandals and hit the road in search of just the right fast, casual, comfortable, affordable, delicious, nutritious place to have a great meal.

After what seemed to be an eternity, there it was:  B2 Café.  Easy in, easy out, plenty of choices, just the right prices, great deals, great atmosphere…right on the spot, he became at One with B2.

But that’s all history now.  Today, Obart relishes in being B2’s #1 Fan. He’s become our representative, our B2 Ambassador to the world.  He’s tasted every dish, even created a few himself.  Wherever Obart is, you can be assured of the very best service, ever, the highest quality of food and a casual environment where you’ll feel just like family.  Obart does…you should too.

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